Funabashi City official homepage moved on March 1

Update day: Monday, June 20, 2016 (Heisei 28)

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 We appreciate your always using "Funabashi City official homepage".

 From March 1, 2016, URL of Funabashi City official homepage was changed in "".
 In addition, we stop automatic transfer function to new homepage for maintenance of system temporarily now until about June 27, 2016.

 Sorry for your inconvenience, but you click the following link, and look at new top page. In addition, please register new URL again when you enroll in "favorites" of browser of the use.

Look at top page of city from this;

Inquiry about move of homepage

Funabashi City OFFICE OF THE MAYOR Public Relations Section

  • Phone number 047-436-2015
  • Fax number 047-436-2769
  • We can move from link of email form this to email form