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  • Non-indication
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  • Non-indication
  • Indication


  • Reduction
  • Expansion


  • Usually
  • Black and white
(top page image 6) Chiba Jets (professional basketball team is born in Funabashi!
(top page image 7) let's support Kubota Speirs!
(top page image 4) port town of Funabashi which there is taste
(top page image 3) town Funabashi which city and nature harmonized with
(top page image 2) Funabashi H.C.Andersen park
(top page image 1) Fujimi 100 view authorization "Funabashi Sanbanze Kaihin Koen (Seaside Park)" of Kanto

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  • Marriage/divorce
  • Moving
  • Support for the Disabled
  • Condolences
  • The use of facilities
  • Inquiry counter
  • Resident's card, proof
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