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  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Entering a kindergarten, entrance to school
  • Marriage, love
  • Moving
  • Senior Citizen, care
  • Condolences
  • Inquiry counter
・There was explanation error at the time of ballot grant in member of the House of Representatives general election (December 14)
  • Assist some setting costs of PV system, energy farm, battery, HEMS (heme) and denkijidoshajukyuden*bi [in yosanzan update (December 19)]; (December 19)
  • Small plan painting exhibition "history (18)- of living that tool - tool talks about of living" (December 19)
  • Dog/cat (December 19) which we are contained in Animal Protection And Guidance Center and are making public
  • About update application of 2014 specific disease treatment study business (December 19)
  • Announce radiological result of a measurement such as destruction by fire ash of garbage and sewage plant (for December result of a measurement); (December 19)
  • Straight paste is available to marine products direct sale place "all in Funabashi fishing port the Sanbanze"! (December 18)
  • Please utilize home medical care, relaxation care offer organization map (December 18)
  • We made "picture postcard" with precious document of library possession (December 17)
  • About radiological test result of farm and marine industries thing (December 17)
  • We carry out fire prevention campaign with year-end caution! !(December 16)
  • I would like cooperation on energy-saving measures and power saving menu of the winter season. (request from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) (December 16)
  • Distribution (December 16) of kadomatsu card
  • There is day when some or all of Citizen's Activity Support Center is not available (December 15)
  • Schedule (December 15) of physical education facilities
  • About lecture "adult guardianship system and how to make wills" and holding of dementia supporter training course (December 15)
  • News (December 15) of illegally parked bicycle, motor bike removal
  • It recruits registrants of room instructor (temporary worker) after school (December 15)
  • We publish person authorization book targeted for allowance for disabled persons (December 15)
  • News (December 15) of my number system
  • The 19th Funabashi music Festival / area contact concert "meets treasure, Norio Maeda of Japanese jazz world" (December 15) and